about jenna

Ever wondered who I am or where I came from or how I got started? Read below to learn all about me, Jenna Rue Cyde!


Name:  Jenna Cyde

Age:  Old Enough

Hair Color:  Always Colored

Eye Color:  Green mostly

Location:  Your Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind, USA

Marital Status:  Happily

Children:  One

Pets:  1 Pitbull

Measurements:  5 foot 1 inch / 103 lbs / 32DD-24″-36″ - but always ask before you shop. Sizes vary based on brand and country.

Dress Size:  XS-S or US 0-2

Shoe Size:  US 5.5, but some fetish shoes run small, so ask before you buy.

Tattoos/Piercings: Yes


I have been online for a very long time, probably longer than most of the women you follow today. Why have you not seen me before?  Because you weren't looking in the right places! No, honestly... because I took a hiatus for a while, just about the time that the camming world blew up. When I came back, there were so many new girls, both good and bad, that is was hard for most men to choose. I will tell you this: I am honest, I am open minded, I am good at what I do, and most of all , I am a professional. There is a reason guys keep coming back over and over again, and there is a reason that those guys who followed me when I was 18 are shocked and amazed that they were able to find me again on here. I put my heart and soul into everything I do online and everything you see on here was done by me and me alone. I work hard and it shows in everything I put out. If you're looking for a girl that will give you everything you have ever desired, than you have come to the right place. Read below to see what I can offer you!


I am the ultimate fantasy girl - The one that you meet once and sticks with you - The one that becomes an undeniable Addiction!


No racial slurs or humiliation / No religious slurs or humiliation / No bestiality / No pedophilia / No underage play / No anal fucking (finger play and plugs will be up for discussion) / No fisting / No gaping / No scat / No period play / Nothing that will make me bleed or leave permanent marks or scars

If you're unsure if I will do your fetish, just ask. The worst I can say is No.


Add me on Skype to set up a cam session, buy content, discuss a custom, or purchase products!