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I no longer have a "Content List" on my website

If you want to purchase a video, pic set, custom, article of clothing, or anything else, please follow the steps below:

1) CLICK HERE or Skype me

2) Inquire about your purchase

3) Pay for your purchase

4) Receive your purchase

* I have had to take a break from filming due to being in the process of a large move. If you want to see the videos I have uploaded already, please click the link below (This is nowhere near my entire collection... I have 1000s of videos). I will upload them all slowly when I have free time. If there is anything specific you are looking for, just message me. If I don't have something to suit your taste, we can setup a custom. I am still shooting custom photos and videos. Rates for those can be found on the "About" page of my site. I look forward to getting back into filming once things have settled down and I am in my new house!

For all currently

uploaded videos!