legal debt agreement

Hell yeah! I'm the motherfucking Princess and you know all I care about is your wallet. If your addiction to me has become full blown and you want to be indebted to me for YEARS, look no further.

Serious inquiries only, this is NOT for the faint of heart!


  • $25 Skype - This gets you a response, and my ID. If you desire an online session, CLICK HERE

  • $25 Snapchat - Get access to follow my Snapchat stories for a month. This does not include private chat sessions!

  • $250 Hacking Domination - I will take over your computer, either while you watch OR when you're not home! I will drain your bank account, go shopping, tribute myself, post on your social media- whatever I please! Do not buy this option unless you you can afford it or you will be blocked from any future sessions.

  • $60 Mock You -  I will send you a personal mocking photo (you must ask with your tribute). I will also post your photo on my Tributes Page under my list of "De-Jenna-Rates" (If you choose)

  • $100 Bill Pay - You can pay one of my bills and get a personal mocking photo!

  • $250/weekly min GF(Y)E - Usually called a "Girlfriend Experience" but in your case this will be a "Go Fuck Yourself Experience". Get daily "fuck you" updates on Snapchat/Email/Skype/Twitter (whichever ONE you prefer).

  • $350/weekly Chastity - A new chastity device will be mailed to you. You will lock it, I will hold the key, and keep it on my necklace to mock you via short clips and pics throughout the week.

  • $500 Beta Bitch - This gets you a legal debt contract! A personal letter to you drafted up by my lawyer that states that you will pay me X amount monthly. (Due to my lawyer fees, and the time and effort that goes into these, there is a minimum of $12k extended by number of months you choose - minimum $500/mo) Basically I will own a piece of EVERYTHING you own. Make a wise decision as to just how much. You will get all of the above and become a true OWNED Beta Bitch with weekly surprises!


  • $25 for cumming without asking

  • $50 because you know you're a fucking pathetic loser

  • $75 because you know you have a small worthless cock

  • $100 you pray you'll get noticed

  • $200 you're starting to feel owned

  • $300 you need to feel humiliated

  • $400 you need to feel drained


​Spend over a certain amount and your name will be added to a "Highest Tippers" list. (if you choose)​

  • $5000 you are officially Jenna-pproved

  • $10000 you are becoming Jenna-ddicted

  • $25000 you admit you are a Jenna-holic

  • $50000 you are Jenna-Cydal

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