I am selling my first engagement ring. I have since upgraded and I am looking to "clean house". Whether you want to buy my ring to use to propose to your girl, or you want a piece of me for yourself, either way, for $5000 it can be all yours! Maybe one of you boys can buy it and put your tiny little pin dick inside it and take photos for me!

14k White Gold

1ct tw diamond



Princess Cut

Size: 5



For those of you who don't know, HBB is the new site for women who are saving up for a type of cosmetic surgery. I am on there as "little-mama" and I am saving for a Mommy Makeover. Any donations sent to me via this site will be greatly rewarded!


For those of you that don't know, I have been sick for several years now. After having every possible test run, the doctors are at a loss as to why I am this sick. I recently visited a plastic surgeon to talk about my breast implants and I found out that my style implant is no longer made and that they are possibly what is making me sick. The sickness is an autoimmune response to the implants, called Breast Implant Illness. Some women develop it right away, some (like me) take years, and some never do. Unfortunately insurance (and the implant warranty) do not covered removal and/or replacement of implants, so I have to pay for this out of my own pocket. I am looking at having the surgery done in spring (before they kill me). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know you guys love me, so I'm asking for your help. If you think you can donate, even something as small as $5 will help. I don't want to have to stop camming and filming for you guys, but the only way I can continue is if I can get better.

Thank you


Content from when I was only 18 years old!

91 videos for $200

5 zip sets (photos and videos) for $200

3 girl/girl zip sets (photos and videos) for $200

Looking for photos instead of videos?

Message me and we'll talk!

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