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Do you love me as much as you say you do? Do you worship me? Do I do it for you better than anyone else? Now is your chance to prove it and be as good for me as I am for you! Send a contribution to me in any of the amounts listed below. You can also send me gift cards: contact me for more details.

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bills, bills, bills... and fun

Mortgage - $1200/month

Gas/Electric - $200/month

Toyota - $400/month

Truck - $500/month

Gym/Yoga - $100/month

Gas - $400/month

Groceries - $600/month

Total Debt - $235,000

Hair - $200/month

Nails - $150/month

Pampering - $200/month

Tanning - $100

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Any Amount is Acceptable

When the bill is paid off, it will no longer be shown here. Totals below are all current. Help me pay one off by clicking 'tip me'. Make sure to leave a tip note what it's for!

All tippers over $100 will be acknowledged!