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Unreleased videos

Here you will see videos that I cannot release on any cam site. These videos will have connotations that are against the TOS of most, if not all, clip sites. I will post the previews, descriptions, and prices. You can message me to buy one and pay on any site I'm on. Once payment is sent, I will send you a link to download the video.

Macrophilia - coming soon!

These videos are based around a fictional family of giant human-like creatures. I am a slave to them and my interactions include being a sexual slave, being smothered, being crushed, being swallowed (vore), being vomited up, being fully digested, and more!

*All acts are done with a dildo, a fake belly, and/or a green screen.

*All videos are filmed to be like mini-movies.

Facials - coming soon!

These videos are extended cam session that include the blackmail or pressuring of my character into blowjobs that end in facials. Typically I am fully covered by the end of the session!

*All videos are filmed with a dildo.

*Includes realistic cum.

humiliation - coming soon!

These videos include harder humiliation with talk of things that cannon be mentioned on clip sites. Things such as human toilet, human tissue, waste consumption, vomit, incest, blackmail, etc.

*None of the acts are featured in the videos.

*Some videos feature me as Domme, while some feature me as sub.

Narratophilia - coming soon!

Narratophilia is a sexual fetish in which words and stories are sexually arousing, usually by the telling of dirty and obscene words or stories. In these videos I tell stories that can include violence, incest, force, human toilet, human kleenex, drug use, and more!

*All videos are talking only, no action.

*All stories are fictional.

Intox - coming soon!

These videos are recorded cam sessions where either I or the person I am camming with is partaking in drug use. I only smoke weed, but some people choose harder things.

*None of these videos include seeing or hearing the other person.

anesthesia - coming soon!

These videos feature me telling stories of being drugged up or being put under. Some are fictional while some are real experiences from surgeries I have had.

*No drugs are featured in the videos.

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